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Navigating & Making use of keywest cv's


User Registration

Each user is advised to register on the Keywest CV builder to ensure the best experience possible. This will allow the
user to save their progress and make changes to the data inputted into the builder for completion at a later date (if
Login Login to your account or register a new account on if you are a new user.

Choose a Template

Use the left/right arrows to view the selection of templates, then click on the name to select your preference.

Click on the “Contact Info” tab

Enter your details (fields with a * are mandatory) and click next. (Note: the pencil allows you to change the title of the page from
“Contact Info” to a title of your choice. Ensure to choose a suitable title as ultimately, this will be on your final printed CV.)

Enter your Work (Professional) Experience

At the risk of duplicating effort, it is advised to first enter your current role and work backwards to your oldest role.
(Note: the pencil allows you to make a change to that section. Do not forget to click on the green tick as this saves the change made!)

In the “Enter job keyword” section (see below screenshot), simply type in your role – as an example – Senior Buyer.
The builder will automatically show a list of pre-written responsibilities relating to that role. This is useful if you do not
have pre-written responsibilities and/or are creating a CV for the first time.
Click all the responsibilities applicable to the job role (see below). If you prefer to add your own responsibilities or add
to the existing list, you can do so by typing them in. (Note: do not forget to green tick as this saves your progress)

The selected responsibilities can be seen as below. (Note: saving your progress will allow you to return to the CV later).

Click add another until you have entered all the roles you want to appear on your CV.

Enter your education.

Format remains unchanging, ensure mandatory fields are filled in as you will not otherwise be able to progress further.

Enter additional skills and any other.

Such as qualifications, personal profile, objectives and manually type these in. (Note: changes to the order of the tabs can be
made by pressing and holding down the left side of the mouse and dragging the tab left or right to where you want the final position of the tab to

Click add extra information and follow the instruction (not mandatory)

Preview your CV & download. (Note: this is an opportunity to change the template)

Download the CV.

Enter card details, save and print.

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